Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cow, Pow, Ow, Bow

Z informs me as we examine a craft visor he made some time ago, that visor rhymes with geyser. I have to admit that I am impressed with that one, and I tell him so. Best rhyme ever, Z. Not to be outdone, M spontaneously comes out with "Cow, pow, ow, bow." Learning is still so much fun.

The big attraction in our house right now is our "new trampoline." This is actually a toddler mattress on the floor of our great room, spare for us since Z moved into his Big Boy Bed. The children love it, and spend much of their play time jumping, bouncing, and flopping. It's a truly special toy for our home, because I am one of those mean mommies who allows my children to use neither trampolines nor motorized vehicles. Literally every child in our neighborhood who is at least 3 owns and operates a motorized vehicle. Barbie "Jeeps," John Deere "tractors," mini "quads," and other child-sized vehicles with motors are visible up and down our street. Many times when we visit our especially good friends down the block to play, we finally disconnect the battery on the Lightning McQueen car because M cannot resist the temptation. My father was excited to purchase one for the kids, and I felt a little bad crushing his grandfatherly urges when I informed him that the kids can have motorized vehicles when they become licensed drivers. So far my children accept the explanation that I am their mommy and I don't allow these things, but I know this will become increasingly difficult as they grow. I do not judge the parents who allow these things, and they seem to understand that this is the decision I have made for my children who are too young to examine the risks for themselves.

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