Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's me again

"It's me again!" begins Tracey Mallett on my workout video. This video is an old friend I haven't caught up with for some time. I was first acquainted on VHS, and found a copy on DVD years later. Tracey is not the easiest instructor to follow. It takes some time to learn to do the video correctly, but my body remembered pretty well and I was allowed time to think.

I felt like me again. What happened to me? I missed me. I am the me that makes healthy choices for myself and my family. I am the strong and athletic me. I am the me who skis down the hill without feeling my chronological age. I am the me who kicks ass and gets things done. I am the me who loves myself enough to treat myself well.

This isn't the first "Biggest Loser"-type competition I've entered. The last time I focused on my body and did well even after the other contestants crapped out and the contest was a bust. Unexpectedly, this time around my mind is claiming a big piece of the action. Oh, sure, I do plan to win the big bucks (sorry suckas aka fellow Loser Moms), but this feels different. I don't think it's just pounds that I am going to shed.

I accomplished a lot already today. It was easy. I am me and that's what I do. I did several things that have been hanging on my to do list for months. Perhaps I was just waiting to make a decision about whether I really wanted to complete those tasks, as they pertain to my future. I found it surprising how much working on my body helped me to focus on my mind. This is only the beginning, but I like the way I feel right now. I am recording this moment in my blog, as I am sure when I begin doing my workouts from "The Firm," and continue working toward the next stage in my personal and professional life, I will appreciate the reminder.